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SJ100 - a Sam and Jack Drabble Community
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Welcome to the Sam and Jack drabble community. This is the place to post your Sam and Jack drabbles. Challenges run weekly, but you can also post whatever the muse gives you :) This community is moderated by alliesings.

The Rules:
(MUST be obeyed or else *g*)

  • A drabble is exactly 100 words. Anything obviously more than that will be deleted.

  • All NC-17 drabbles MUST be posted behind cut tags

  • Any drabble which may include spoilers from any episode from season 6 onwards, Jonas excluded, must also be behind cut tags. Please state which episode the spoiler/s is/are for before the cut tags so that people can decide whether or not to read

  • Please post fb in the same thread as the original drabble. Do not start a new entry just for fb

Challenges will be posted on Mondays and last for one week. If you respond to a challenge please label your drabble "challenge response."

If you have a challenge idea please email me at the address listed above.

An archive of drabbles, using the 'memories' function has been created. The majority of challenges are archived.